As a manager working for Google, I have to write extensively on a variety of topics and it used to be such a pain! Luckily, though, Iíve acquired a new outlook on writing from the private tutoring Iíve received during the past year from Elaine Slomich. She has been very helpful in teaching me how to edit my own writing for grammar and other errors, and her focus on concise yet powerful writing has really helped me become a more effective writer.
Qi Jin
Technical Lead and Engineering Manager ĖGoogle


  About Your Instructor

   Elaine Slomich
Elaine Slomich graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Film and Literature. She has also earned a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Langauge from San Jose State University.

Ms. Slomich has extensive experience helping non-native speakers of English improve their speaking, writing, pronunciation, and listening skills,

empowering them to feel more confident using English in their daily lives. She is also experienced at developing custom programs to meet the needs of her students.

In addition to teaching, Elaine has written and edited technical marketing copy for Silicon Valley companies such as Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems, and has received recognition for the effectiveness and creativity of her work.

Elaine is a native speaker of English who is originally from Washington, D.C. She is dedicated to helping her students progress and to creating a positive, enjoyable learning experience.

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