Elaine has been very helpful in teaching me how to edit my own writing for grammar and other errors, and her focus on concise yet powerful writing has really helped me become a more effective writer. I am considerably more confident now and enjoy the writing process much more, and I've received quite a few positive remarks from colleagues on the quality of the documents I have produced lately in terms of both content and form. Elaine is a well-educated native speaker with a high level vocabulary and deep knowledge of the English language, and as such, she was able to catch some errors in the text that no one else had noticed. I recommend Elaine's coaching services highly to any foreign-born professional in Silicon Valley who wants to improve his or her business writing. Elaine is additionally a friendly person and her private sessions are enjoyable.

Qi Jin,
Technical Lead and Engineering Manager, Google

A good teacher

When I came to U.S. one and half years ago it was difficult for me to communicate with people in English. I graduated from the university ten years ago, and since then I didn't have chance to use English in my work or life in China except for reading some professional information written in English occasionally. I felt anxious and my husband decided to find a good English teacher for me. Though I can go to the community college or adult school to take ESL classes, we thought I will learn faster by taking private lessons. Finally we found Elaine through her website.

She is open-minded, easy going and patient. She is also a responsible teacher. She always corrects me when I make mistakes including vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. We talked about lots of things around our lives during the class time, such as our family, the world news, life values, literature, culture, and so on. I really enjoyed those times because it not only helped me improve my spoken English, but I also learned about the culture in U.S. Through these talks, we knew each other and became friends.

Since I took the class with Elaine, I feel more and more comfortable when I talk with people in English. Now I am not afraid to participate in conversations or go to see the doctor by myself. I also believe I can find an interesting job here in the future.

Yan Deng

I'm a software engineer in Silicon Valley. I have lived here eight years and I am originally from mainland China. Before I took private English lessons from Elaine, I was not very confident about my English, and I had problems in expressing myself clearly in English. After I took weekly lessons from Elaine about one year, my English improved a lot. Now I have a lot more confidence, and I enjoy communicating with people in English. And of course, that helped me in both my daily life and my career.

Kathy Fang

I am an electrical engineer from Japan. I took an intensive program of private lessons from Elaine Slomich from December of 2006 to July of 2007 in order to improve my communication skill at work. Elaine's instruction helped me feel more confident speaking with my colleagues at work. My listening comprehension improved significantly too. Elaine was also very helpful at teaching pronunciation. She is a native speaker from Washington, D.C., and her pronunciation is very clear.
Whenever she teaches a new word or expression, she takes time to make sure the student knows how to pronounce it correctly. Her classes were also enjoyable and interesting, because she include material and information about U.S. history and culture. Many people from other countries speak broken English their whole lives. I'm glad I was able to benefit from Elaine's instruction soon after I moved to the U.S. If you are from another country and want to improve your English, I highly recommend Elaine's lessons.

Sachi Oda
Hi Elaine,

It's time now to say goodbye to you. I will return to Japan on this Friday. I feel I am so lucky that I took wonderful lessons from you. I really thank you for all of your support in my work in the passed year. It was very short time. But we have really enjoyed ourselves in California, by golfing, playing tennis, driving and traveling.

Please keep in touch.

Jun Morimoto
I am an accountant from Japan and I live in Silicon Valley since June of 2006. When I first arrived here, I often have trouble understanding my English speaking colleagues at work and expressing myself in English. My boss recommend me to take private English lessons from Elaine Slomich. We agreed that lessons should concentrate on improving my speaking and listening skills.

Elaine's instruction has been very helpful to increase my listening comprehension, and my oral communication skills. She is also a friendly person, and her lessons are enjoyable and interesting. I recommend her to anyone who has come from another country, and who wants to improve their English language skills.

Jess Mizobata