"Elaine Slomich is a multi-talented, hard working, and conscientious individual who has contributed great value to our company. She is also a friendly person with a sense of humor who is a pleasure to work with.

Elaine's primary responsibilities have included authoring articles for our quarterly publication, periodically interviewing customers of Acclaim Technology in order to write success stories, and project management and copy writing for our direct mail/on-line campaign.

Elaine has a gift for writing about the benefits of complicated technology in an exceptionally concise and easily readable style. Her position required this capacity as our company has a number of partners who produce sophisticated hardware and software products for the enterprise, including Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, BMC Software, and VERITAS. Tact and good judgment were also a necessity since a number of our partners produce products that are similar or that compete directly with those of our other partners.

She is also a prolific and talented copywriter who can consistently create copy that generates interest and humor in even the driest subject matter. Elaine has done this on a regular basis as project manager and copywriter for our twice monthly direct mail campaign. She additionally created the concept and the major copy of our most popular display ad that appeared in major publications such as InformationWeek for a number of months."

Norm Shockley, Jr., President/CEO, Acclaim Technology